Become a SHVC volunteer 成为志愿者

NOTE:due to our limited time we are currently not recruiting new volunteers. Please read our statement and consider contributing to our forums. Feel free to leave a comment.

注:由于我们时间有限,目前我们暂不招收新的志愿者。请阅读我们的宣言 并考虑为我们的社区论坛

Show us your talent by becoming a volunteer and contribute for a good cause that will save animals and our planet earth!

We have

  • Marketing Team that promote and organize events, entertain guests, write reviews, co-ordinate with sponsors and partners etc
  • Translation Team that translate English content to Chinese or vice versa (including subtitles) or proof read text for publishing etc
  • Vision Team that take photos, design flyers, draw graphics, shoot videos, edit videos etc

Contact us and let us know what you would like to do. ;-) or take a look at our current TEAM.



  • 推广团队推广和组织活动,招待客人,撰写活动回顾,协调赞助商和伙伴等
  • 翻译团队将英文内容翻成中文,或者中文到英文(包括字幕),审读文本等
  • 影像团队摄影,设计海报,画画,拍摄短片,编辑短片等