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Our Mission我们的使命
We are a non-profit organisation and on-line media which relies on our passionate volunteers and generous sponsors. We hope to raise people’s awareness of a healthy, eco-friendly and animal-friendly lifestyle which encompasses love and compassion, from a non-religious approach.

  • Raise awareness of how to enjoy a healthy vegan diet and lifestyle in Shanghai.
  • Help chefs in restaurants, cafes and hotels design a vegetarian/vegan option for their menu.
  • Organize events for people to share their passion for food and friendship.
  • Provide a guide and helpful advice to travelling vegetarians/vegans who visit Shanghai.
  • Publish information about green lifestyle events, interviews, news, nutrition tips, videos, etc.
  • 提高上海地区对健康纯素饮食和生活方式的认同度
  • 帮助餐厅,咖啡馆和酒店的主厨在他们的菜单上设计素食/纯素选项
  • 组织活动,让人们聚在一起分享美食和友谊
  • 为到上海地区旅行的素食者/纯素者提供指南和建议
  • 发布关于绿色生活活动,采访,新闻,营养贴士,短片等的信息

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