• SHVC@Expatshow 2013

    Posted on September 23, 2013 by shvc in Events Review 活动回顾.

    Reviewed by Jenny Pigott
    Photo by Annie Taylor CHEN

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    The Shanghai Veggie Club’s booth was certainly a popular destination at the Shanghai Expat Fair on the weekend of September 6th-8th. Was this because of the warm and welcoming smiles of the volunteers who ran our booth? Maybe it could have been the delicious vegan meat that we supplied which never fails to tempt those who were walking by? Or could it be that the message that the positive impact that going vegan has on health, the environment, and the welfare of animals has Shanghai Expats feeling a little “Veggie-Curious”?

    Over the course of the Expat Fair weekend, we were able to work towards increasing our clubs visibility among the expat community and promoting our website. Our volunteers also had the rewarding experience of engaging in meaningful conversations about a meat-free lifestyle with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people who attended the fair. Finally, we are also pleased to have found new members who are excited to meet other vegetarians living in Shanghai and share their experiences.

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    We would like to acknowledge and say thank you to our outstanding volunteers:

    Geneviève Pépin
    Annie Taylor Chen
    Dreamer Tang
    Dylan Ye
    Joan Yan
    Cheryl Liu
    Lindsey White
    Addy Rivera
    Azofia Tarjani
    Betty Yuan
    Andie Zhang
    Jenna Wu
    Ashley Fernandes
    Carolyn Wang
    KC Loh
    Cynthia Schupp
    Helen Ma
    Sean Winchester
    Jenny Pigott

    We would also like to say welcome to our new members and we look forward to seeing you at future events! Thanks to all who stopped by the SHVC booth!