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    When vegan food meets the black metal…
    VBMC God Form 1

    When people think of vegetarian, at least here in China, they think of someone thin, pale, quiet, perhaps doing yoga and listening to peaceful Buddhist music…but actually, this is not the truth. Nowadays more and more people are turning to veganism, out of consciousness for healthy eating and compassion for the animals, not all of them have Buddhist background or like quiet music all the time. I, for instance, have been a rock fan for years, and I love Pilates and skateboard. ;-) Today we have an honorable guest from the States,Brian Manowitz, the Vegan Black Metal Chef, presenting you a unique cooking show with black metal music as background, which you have never seen before.

    Annie@SHVC: Hi Brian, I have seen several episodes of your vegan black metal cooking shows, they’re terrific, how did you come up with this idea?
    Brian:Thanks a ton, I’m glad you liked them and I appreciate the support. I have had the idea for a little while now, but I finally felt like I could make a halfway decent audio recording to pull it off. Basically I am really into vegan cooking, and really into making black metal music… so it really just combined naturally for me. Its most of what I do anyways.

    Annie@SHVC: Great combination for your passion: food and music! I also noticed that you don’t mention cups or teaspoons, do you think it’s easy for a beginner to follow?
    Brian:I think not using exact measurements makes it easier for any beginner or advanced person to follow. For one… it liberates the person from exact measurements which distract the mind from what is really important, getting the concepts behind making the food. Once you see the relative amount of things and the overall concept of how to cook the meals, you can use just the amount of each ingredient you want. The mind does not have to worry about having an exact amount of this or that, it gives the creation back to the individual. You are making art, not chemistry.

    Annie@SHVC: Yeah.. I agree learning the principle is more important, and have some fun being creative! So…Does it take you a lot of time to prepare a video?
    Brian:Yes it takes about 3 weeks in total. The filming only takes one night. Then editing, and the longest process… the music creation. I could probably do it in 2 weeks if I really wanted to but I would get burned out pretty fast and get nothing else done. Even 3 weeks is really fast considering that it can be 1 – 3 songs worth of material. I usually spend much longer than this writing music.

    Annie@SHVC: What is the relation of “satan” and “seitan”?
    Brian:Hah, this may not make sense in Chinese, but In english the word Seitan (wheat protein) sounds very similar to the english word for Satan (Christian devil, lord of all darkness). Just so happens to work out great for a black metal theme, which traditionally is fairly against the organized christian religion. Some of this stems from the fact that Christianity was imposed by force in Nordic countries where black metal originated.
    Not all black metal fans are satan worshipers, thematically black metal has come a long way from only anti christian themes to be pretty diverse lyrically.

    Annie@SHVC: Sadly, nowadays Chinese people seem to forget this valuable ingredient which originally comes from China, when they turn to eat more meat… by the way, where did you get your cool pentagram cutting board and awesome knives, did you tailor order it somewhere?
    Brian:Yes, Veganism in the west owes so many of its main items to China and other Asian countries cooking. There are more Chinese and other Asian vegan restaurants than any other type in the US from what I have seen.
    I get my pentagram cutting boards and Knives from the finest Artisans in Hell.
    New Pic 4
    Brian performing in his fantastic kitchen

    Annie@SHVC: What about clothes, do you wear a lot of leather, as that seems to be common with metal fans?
    Brian:I wear no leather.  The armor you see in the video was custom made for me out of rubber.  There are so many animal free leather alternatives now that its very easy to find awesome clothing not made out of leather.  You can even get badass vegan biker style jackets.

    Annie@SHVC: last but not least, do you have any plan for your rock band tour + cooking show? I think fans will be thrilled to rock with you and then eat healthy with you! ;-)
    Brian:I plan on putting together some kind of live show this year, It will probably start out as solo cooking demonstrations, but I might incorporate a full band as it becomes more financially viable.  I plan on touring around the US late this year with my Industrial Blackmetal band “Forever Dawn”  I will post more of that online later this year when the album is done.

    Annie@SHVC: definitely look forward to that! If you are still reading, probably you want to check it out now. This is the pad thai from first video, bon appetit!

    pad thai 1

    If you live in China, here are links on tudou to see the videos easily:

    1.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 1 Pad Thai
    2.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 2 – Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages
    3. Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 3 Tempura Asparagus Sushi
    4. Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 4 – Hail Seitan
    5.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 5 – Smoothie Alchemy
    6. Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 6 Holliday Hell Roast
    7.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 7- Indian Feast Of The Gods
    8.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 8- Yule Log Cake

    or if you know how, search it on youtube.com for the shows. ;-)



    当人们联想起素食者,通常浮现在他们脑袋里的是一个瘦弱、苍白、十分安静的人,他可能练练瑜伽,听听佛教歌曲,至少在中国是这样的。但事实并不如此。如今,出于对健康的考虑和对动物的慈悲心,许多人开始转向素食的生活方式,但并不是所有素食者都是佛教徒或是喜欢听安静的歌曲。拿我自己来说吧,我是一个老摇滚乐迷,而且喜欢普拉提瑜伽和滑板。今天我们很荣幸地为您介绍来自美国的黑金属摇滚大厨Brian Manowitz,他将以黑金属为背景音乐,上演一场您从未见过的独特的烹饪秀。

    Annie@SHVC: 嗨,Brian,我看过你的黑金属纯素烹饪秀,这个节目太棒了,你是怎么想到要策划这样一个节目的?
    Brian: 十分感谢,很高兴你喜欢这个节目,感谢你对节目的支持。我策划这个节目有一段时间了,后来终于是感到自己可以创作不错的音频。因为我很喜欢纯素烹调,也很喜欢黑金属音乐,所以把它们俩融合在一起对我来说是很自然的一件事。这无所谓,反正我基本上都在做这两件事。

    Annie@SHVC: 这样把美食和音乐结合起来实在是太棒了!我也发现您在节目中没有提到量杯和茶匙这样的测量工具,你觉得对新手来说这样也可以完成么?
    Brian: 我觉得不用精确测量食材的用量对新手和有经验的人都更容易掌握。精确测量食材用量会使人分心,忽略了什么才是最重要的,那就是食物本身的内涵。当你了解了食材的大概比例和烹饪的过程,你可以随意选取各个食材的用量。头脑不用担心哪样用多了,哪样用少了,这样才能发挥个人的创造力。你是在创造艺术品,而不是在做化学实验。

    Annie@SHVC: 是的,我同意你的看法,了解过程和内涵更重要,而且创造是件很有趣的事!那么,你录制一个视频会花很多时间么?
    Brian: 确实需要很长时间,通常加起来要三个星期,但拍摄工作只需要一个晚上。然后需要剪辑,接着是最耗费时间的过程——编曲。如果全力以赴的编曲,我可以在两个星期内完成,但这么做会让我筋疲力尽,其他事情也无法完成。三个星期已经是很快的了,因为一期节目有1~3首歌曲的量要完成。

    Brian: 哈哈,这在中文里可能说不通,但是在英语里,“面筋”(一种小麦蛋白)的发音和“撒旦”(基督教里的魔鬼,黑暗世界的领袖)发音很相似,这正好符合了黑金属摇滚的主题,传统黑金属音乐是反对基督教的。一部分原因可能是因为基督教在北欧受到排挤和压迫,而北欧正是黑金属摇滚的发源地。但并不是所有黑金属都歌颂撒旦,现在的黑金属音乐主题已经不仅仅是反基督教的了,而是很多样性的。

    Annie@SHVC: 真遗憾,现在的中国人摄入越来越多的肉类,好像都忘了小麦蛋白这种源起于中国的珍贵食材了。顺便问一下,你五芒星的菜板和刀具实在是太酷了,你是在哪里找到他们的,还是在哪里定制的?
    Brian: 是的,西方的素食主义主要是从中国和其他亚洲国家借鉴来的。我在美国看到纯素的餐馆里,中国和其他亚洲餐馆占得比例最多。我的菜板和刀具来自”地狱最好的技师“品牌。

    Annie@SHVC: 现在我们谈谈衣服吧,你也和其他摇滚乐迷一样经常穿皮革制品么?
    Brian: 我从不穿皮革,你在视频里看到我穿的定做盔甲都是用橡胶定做成的。因为要找漂亮的非皮革衣料很容易的一件事,所以非动物皮革衣着上的选择上就很多。你甚至可以买到很酷的纯素机车皮衣。

    Brian: 我打算在今年举办类似的现场演出。也许一开始就是单人烹饪表演。今后收益上更可行后,也许再让全乐队加入进来。今年晚些时候我可能和我的工业黑金属乐队“永恒黎明”在美国展开巡回演出。等今年专辑制作好之后,我会在网上发布更多信息。

    Annie@SHVC: 我们期待那一天的到来!读到这里,也许你已经迫不及待的想看看Brian的菜品了。下面的图片是第一个视频里制作的泰式炒河粉,祝大家有个好胃口!

    1.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 1 Pad Thai
    2.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 2 – Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages
    3. Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 3 Tempura Asparagus Sushi
    4. Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 4 – Hail Seitan
    5.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 5 – Smoothie Alchemy
    6. Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 6 Holliday Hell Roast
    7.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 7- Indian Feast Of The Gods
    8.Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 8- Yule Log Cake