• SHVC event – Food Central Dinner Mar 2012

    Posted on March 15, 2012 by shvc in Events Review 活动回顾.

    reviewed by host Kimberly Ashton
    photo by Food Central

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    Food Central was the spot for our most recent Vegetarians Club dinner and March social calendar. A relatively new restaurant in Shanghai and on the bustling Anfu lu its a great restaurant for variety serving Asian hot, Asian cold and Grill cuisine from their 3 kitchen stations.

    Veggie Roll

    They don’t have group menus, we tried as there were 20 of us, however do have some selection and offerings for vegetarians. Amongst the group of diners we tried the Ramen noodles, vegetarian pizza, Veggie sandwich, mixed sushi, Hummus and side vegetable dishes. I give their roasted beets and Yoga healthy salad a good rating, very well done and tasty, and their side dishes are pretty vegetarian friendly.

    Ben Gazara does it again pizza

    The pizza was good, a tad bland and could have done with some basil or oregano/herbs but was fine and probably the most common dish of the evening.


    The hummus came with a generous portion of pita bread and raw vegetables and looked great.
    Hippy Curry Ramen
    The ramen noodles were light on the vegetables and heavy on the noodles but the curry soup was well received.
    We didn’t try desserts but there looked like there were some nice options, and the drinks menu is great.
    I recommend it as a good dining option for a small to medium sized group and for mixed dietary groups. The menu has something for everyone.


  • Elsa

    I want to join your veg dinner tonight,could you send me more in detail by email?thanks


    • shvc

      Hi Elsa,
      this took place on Tuesday already! Please check the upcoming Events for our next!Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for future updates!

  • http://www.oneworldwildlife.org Dominic Neate


    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you like this but i have a request.

    I have started a petition to try to stop the supermarket Tesco (there are Tescos in and around Shanghai) from selling live packaged turtles. Avaaz, the petition site, are wanting to send the petition around the world but first we need to know 100% that they are still selling live, packaged turtles.

    I ask you, with your vegetarian sensibilities, if you would be so kind as to go into a Tesco to get proof. I cannot as I live in the UK!

    Thank you so much,

    Dominic Neate