Our TEAM 我们的团队

NOTE:due to our limited time we are currently not recruiting new volunteers. Please read our statement and consider contributing to our forums. Feel free to leave a comment.

注:由于我们时间有限,目前我们暂不招收新的志愿者。请阅读我们的宣言 并考虑为我们的社区论坛

SHVC is a community-based organization, so we encourage everybody to contribute what you can to help each other. ;-)

上海素食俱乐部是基于社区建立的组织,因此我们鼓励每个人贡献你的技能帮助彼此。 ;-)

Our Website Team are 我们的网站团队是:

  • Annie Taylor CHEN  ( project manager, editor and columnist of website)
  • Tom SCHEPER (website host and tech support)

Our Translation Team are 我们的翻译部团队是:

  • Dreamer TANG (Chinese team coordinator)
  • Chen SONG ( translator and proofer)
  • Scarlette WANG ( translator and proofer)
  • Terry ZHANG ( translator and proofer)
  • Eva XIE ( translator and proofer)
  • Mary ZHOU ( translator and proofer)
  • Yanyun WANG ( translator and proofer)
  • Wendy LIU( translator and proofer)
  • Zihe CHEN ( translator and proofer)
  • Sherry ZHAO( translator and proofer)
  • May (translator and proofer)
  • Tim ZHANG (translator and proofer)
  • Ying SUN (translator and proofer)
  • Yajie HOU (translator and proofer)
  • Yilin CHEN (translator and proofer)
  • Lizzy ZHOU (translator and proofer)
  • Blue (native English proofer)
  • Helen MA (translator and proofer)
  • Sondra KIM (translator and proofer)
  • Oksana RADIONOVA (translator and proofer)
  • Candy GAN (translator and proofer)
  • Jasmine JIANG (translator and proofer)

Our Vision Team are 我们的影像部团队是:

  • Mika HAYAKAWA (illustrator)
  • Johan UUSITALO (scriptwriter)
  • Summer YU (photographer and graphic designer)
  • Lizzy ZHOU (photographer and graphic designer)
  • Michael ZHOU (graphic designer and animator)
  • Jud WILLMONT (director)
  • Tina GAO (photographer)
  • Addy RIVERA (illustration, design, storyboard or animation)

Our Marketing Team are 我们的推广部团队是:

  • Geneviève PÉPIN (marketing director)
  • Tina GAO (PR and communication manager)
  • Dream TANG (Chinese social media manager)
  • Helen MA (event coordinator)
  • Alessandro ZANONI (volunteer)
  • Yuan ZHOU (volunteer)
  • Chuang LI (volunteer)
  • Lijun YAO (volunteer)
  • Oksana RADIONOVA (volunteer)
  • Lawrence XIA (volunteer)
  • Shanshan XIE (volunteer)
  • Jürgen STOLZLECHNER (volunteer)
  • Amanda XU (volunteer)
  • Nichole LETWEEN MANHIRE (volunteer)
  • Nell SUN (volunteer)
  • Andie ZHANG (volunteer)
  • Amy ZHAO (volunteer)