How SHVC was created

How SHVC was created上海素食俱乐部的诞生记: 
Shanghai Vegetarians Club was founded by Alexa CHIANG in Apr. 2010, starting as a private dinning group. Annie Taylor CHEN joined in Sep. 2010 as an event host. Upon Alexa’s departure from Shanghai, Annie took it over, changed the name to Shanghai Veggie Club, and built the current website in Feb. 2012. Since then we’re growing and hope more and more people will join us to make a positive change.
上海素食俱乐部(原名 Shanghai Vegetarians Club)由Alexa CHIANG在2010年4月创建,刚开始只是一个私人聚餐小组。Annie Taylor CHEN在2010年9月加入成为活动主持人。在Alexa离开上海之后,Annie接管过来,改名为Shanghai Veggie Club, 并于2012年2月建了目前的网站。之后我们不断成长,并希望更多的人们加入,做出积极的改变。