• 21 Day Health Challenge

    Posted on September 9, 2013 by shvc in Green News 绿色新闻.

    21 Day HC

    SHVC and PCRM presents

    21 Day Health Challenge

    Do you want to live healthier and happier as well as making the world a greener and more loving place?
    In just 21 daysX3 months, you can experience the changes in your health and your life! By joining this program you will get

    • Free medical checkups before and after the program (Note we do not cover the blood tests )
    • Support through meetup, nutrition seminars, movie screenings, cooking classes, learn more about healthy and sustainable lifestyle
      参加分享会,营养讲座,电影放映会,烹饪教室,和学习更多健康和可持续的生活方式, 获得支持
    • The opportunities to make like-minded friends to support your health goals
    • Experience the health benefit of a plant-based diet and win a prize in our final competition!

    Ready? Take actions!

    Step 1: Become a SHVC member for free: (click on the link below to sign up)


    Step 2: Register for free as a 21 Day Health Challenger

    http://21dayhealthychallenge.org/ (中文)
    http://pcrm.org/kickstartHome/ (English)
    If you can read Chinese, we strongly suggest you register on the Chinese site, as the recipe ingredients would be more available in China.

    Step 3: send us an email to JXu@pcrm.org, confirm your FREE checkup time!
    第三步:发送一封电子邮件到JXu@pcrm.org, 确认您的免费体检时间!

    In this email, please state your : name, email, phone number, gender, birth year, ethnic background, and preferred checkup date. (Please choose one morning from Aug 20th, 27th, or Sep3rd, and a second morning from Nov 19th or26th)

    You will receive a PCRM Challenger No. You need to quote this number when you show up at your check up points.

    Step 4: go to hospital for the check up to obtain a lab report; if you want to compete for the final, this is a MUST. Please take three pics of yourself, front and profile, and back;keep them as a “before” pictures. This applies to your “after” picture as well.

    Checkup include:

    Free measurements on weight and height(BMI), body fat index, blood pressure, bone density ( Doctor Xiuhua SHEN, Nutrition Center, 6th Floor, Mainbuilding, Xinhua Hospital)
    免费测量:体重指数 (BMI), 体脂,血压,骨密度(新华医院门诊综合楼6楼营养中心,负责医生沈秀华)

    Free measurements of ultra-B sound of your liver (room 1222, 12th floor, Main Building, Xinhua Hospital)

    Self-paid tests of blood lipid (RMB 30), blood sugar (RMB 10) ( Please register at the hospital yourself and come with an empty stomach – no food after 10pm until the blood draw the next morning. After the free examinations, ask for your next blood test at the nutrition center so the doctor can advise you where to go. If your Chinese medical insurance covers blood tests, you may use your insurance card; otherwise you need to pay from your own pocket).
    自费测量血脂,约30元, 血糖 约RMB 元, (请在医院自行挂号,并空腹前来,在抽血前一天晚上10点以后这段时间请勿进食。在上面两项免费检查完成后问您的医生关于血检的细节。如果您有中国社保卡,可用卡;如果没有,需要自费。)

    Step 5: Begin your challenge experience. Once registered, you will receive daily recipes and tips from PCRM’s Kickstart program from the 1st day to the 21st day of every month by email. We encourage you to follow our weibo @21天健康挑战 closely, and log on to the discussion forum at 21dayhealthychallenge.org to discuss your questions, challenges, frustration, and share your tips and success stories etc.
    第五步:开始您的挑战经历!注册后每个月的第1天到第21 天, 您会收到责任医师协会的邮件。我们鼓励您密切关注微博@21天健康挑战,我们也鼓励您登录健康挑战网页21dayhealthychallenge.org的论坛,讨论您的问题,遇到的挑战,挫折感,分享小贴士和成功经验等。

    You will also receive announcement to events hosted by SHVC offline. All the challengers shall receive 10% discount to the paid events, please quote your PCRM challenger no. when signing up. We suggest you to keep a journal documenting the details of your meals throughout the day, your exercise, sleep as well as mood.

    Through all those support, we shall be able to help you eat and live healthier.

    Step 6: Final Competition:

    At the end of the challenge, make sure you get your final checkup to see your change. If you’re keen on entering the competition, please prepare an essay of 500 or more words to describe about your diet and lifestyle changes and how they help you achieve your goal, submit your lab report, and before and after photos. Our final winner will be evaluated based on their lab report, essay and pictures.

    We look forward to your amazing transform!