Shanghai Veggie Club

Meals with Compassion

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For your Health

a healthy vegan diet based on plants is full of energy and nutrition which ensures you the optimal performance in your life and work. 健康的植物性纯素饮食富含能量和营养,让您在生活中和工作中都能展现出最佳状态

For our Planet

a plant-based diet can help reduce environmental pollution, minimize the carbon foot print, free the world from hunger of food shortage. 植物性饮食可以帮助减少环境污染,缩短碳足迹,让世界不再有食物短缺

For the Earthlings

show your true compassion by sparing animals their life and the hard work they're enslaved to do for human beings. 不杀生,不奴役动物为人类工作,让它们获得自由,释放您的怜悯之心吧

Your Action

Join us for FREE to become a member or lend us a hand by volunteering! 免费成为会员,或者成为志愿者助我们一臂之力吧!

Be the change you want to see in the world --- Mahatma Gandhi 欲变其世,先变其身 --- 圣雄甘地